Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long does the solution take to install?  

A: Vision IQ can be fully operational for safer Red Zones with a 3-day installation for our wireless solution or 4 week installation for our wired solutions.  

Q: Is there any requirement for pre-existing technology or infrastructure? 

A: No major infrastructure changes are required. Vision IQ just needs power and network connectivity if your company would like the solution to be online.  


Q: What technology is used in Vision IQ?

A: Vision IQ uses a combination of LiDAR, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, high-end edge computing, advanced visualization and augmented reality to identify and predict movements of people and equipment in complex industrial environments. 

Q: How can the footage be viewed/reviewed? 

A: Vision IQ has a 3D visualization engine that allows that footage to be viewed both on the rig and streamed back to shore. It’s a configurable solution with the option to review and playback footage immediately after the event from any location.

Q: How flexible is the solution, for example, does it offer the ability to change the parameter of a Red Zone?  

A: The solution is activity-aware and offers dynamic zones and dynamic rig profiles that can be tailored to create your Red Zone policy in a digital world. This can be controlled in real time from an interactive touchscreen.

Q: What weather conditions can the solution operate in? 

A: Our LiDAR units are ATEX and EX certified and have intrusion protection (IP) from moisture elements. They are fully operational in a wide range of temperatures.

Q: How robust is the solution? 

A: The LiDAR units are vibration proof and come complete with a vibration dampening technology.  

Q: How easy is it to clean the units and lenses?  

A: The units are very easy to clean. They have specially coated lenses so there is no requirement for any additional wipe-downs should they be sprayed with mud while in use.  

Q: Can the solution be white labeled?

A: No, Vision IQ is the intellectual property of The Marsden Group and can only be used under the product name Vision IQ. However, in exceptional circumstances, we may be able to overcome this. Please contact us to discuss further should this be an area of concern.


Q: How secure is the solution?  

A: Vision IQ operation offers easy access to data within a highly secure framework. The solution follows ISO standards and includes the following features:

  • Clear network segregation.

  • Dedicated networks exclusively for specific activities on the network.

  • Dedicated firewalls and isolated traffic.

All network and wireless traffic is encrypted and the wireless devices are limited to a read-only function so even if compromised the negative impact is limited. 


Q: What warranties come with the Vision IQ? 

A: Full extendable warranty on purchase with interchangeable components that can be tailored to your company’s requirements. 

Q: How will the solution be maintained? 

A: Remote updates and technical support are available for quick and easy maintenance of the solution. 


Q: What other applications exist for the solution beyond safety?  

A: Vision IQ has the additional benefit of performance analysis, stick up height stand counting and VHA scanning.

Q: Is it possible to use the technology elsewhere on the rig?  

A: Yes, Vision IQ can also be used to monitor other key areas on the rig with minimal setup. For example; crane decks, drill floor riser decks, muster areas, gantry cranes and helipads.  

Q: Is the solution branded?  

A: Yes, full onboarding and launch materials are provided with Vision IQ. This includes an internal communication resource kit complete with videos and slide decks. We’ll supply you with everything you need to educate and inform right across your organization - from senior executives to junior staff.

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