Do You Have A Passion To Create Amazing Videos & Graphics?

You could be just who we’re looking for! 


Love making videos and creative content?

We are looking for someone who would like the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, constantly innovating technology company. We work with some of the largest companies in the world, and you’ll have direct experience contributing to video production for us as The Marsden Group and the clients we serve.

This role is for someone who can think on their feet and get creative.

You’ll need to have the ability to edit and produce a piece of video content (ideally with minimal guidance) and if you are also able to film and capture content that would be even better.

Have skills but no experience?  No problem, you just need to show us examples of your work.

You'll be required to travel within the UK and Internationally regularly whilst dealing with and managing clients directly. Your work will take place in a wide and diverse range of environments from offshore oil rigs to Formula 1 pit lanes and everything in between.

At TMG we are renowned for our speed, so you'll need to be fast, even if it's not always perfect the first time.


Key attributes

  • Self-starter - you need to be self-motivated and be able to take the initiative. If you are someone who requires step by step instructions then this role isn’t for you.

  • Trustworthy - as our teams work across the world, in different locations and in different time zones, we have no interest in micromanaging you. We need to be able to trust you 100% that you will do the work you say you will.

  • Aspiring - we never want to settle, we want to find new and better ways to do things. You should be someone who wants to develop, wants to aspire to greater things and inspire others to do the same.


Essential skills

  • Proficiency in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and confident using Adobe Creative Suite in general (Photoshop Illustrator & InDesign) or equivalent software.

  • Ability to execute and deliver final video – including animations, sound design, colour, and graphic effects.

 Desirable skills

  • Knowledge of all stages of production (including storyboards and concepts) and post delivery methods.

  • Experience operating professional video equipment, sound equipment and lighting.

  • Fluency in graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator or equivalent) with an ability to design, amend and create anything from infographics to logos with very little input or direction.

  • Ability to adapt to the design language/color theme of a client and be creative within their desired direction.

Level of role

We are flexible about the level of this position. It’s not about having years of experience. If you do, that’s a bonus but it’s more important that you have a solid base skill set and the right attributes. There is the potential to really grow in this role and for the right person, we can help with training to build up your skill set in the areas that you want to develop. 

You could be a young filmmaker or a graphic designer with video editing skills who wants to build an all-around creative skill set. Or you could already be working in a similar type of role and be looking for a new challenge.

What type of video content will be required?

Video content is all B2B and includes (but is not limited too) content creation for the following channels:

  • Account-based marketing (Fortune 500 companies):

    • Internal communication content on behalf of clients. This includes producing media to convey the application of cutting edge technology to internal client audiences and creating content media for onboarding and educating our clients’ users.

    • External communication media on behalf of clients. This includes producing promotional videos conveying success stories around the application of cutting edge technology for use on social media, for presentations and at conferences and events.

  • Company marketing:

    • Media content for marketing of The Marsden Group, ranging from corporate video content to case studies.

What to expect

We want to enable you to do your best work ever. We can offer:

  • Flexible working hours and locations suitable for your lifestyle.

  • Opportunity to work directly with Fortune 50 companies, from day 1.

  • Experience you will not get in any other company.

  • Very competitive package relevant to experience, with opportunity to grow quickly.


You will be provided with laptop, editing software, filming equipment and any other key tools that you need. All travel costs will be reimbursed in line with our expenses policy.


Must be UK based with willingness to travel (Driving Licence not essential)

Start Date

We are looking to recruit someone to start ASAP but we are happy to look at a part time position initially - to work around any current commitments that you may have.



What we need from you:

  1. Examples of your work – please share with us your best work so far and examples that fully illustrate your skills and abilities.

  2. A video application showing us why you are the right person for this role – at TMG we love to get to know how you really are. We would like to see you put your creative talents to work to demonstrate to us through video why you could really help TMG in this role.

Guidelines for video submissions:

  • Keep it under 5min

  • Get creative

  • Communicate clearly why you are a great fit for the role

  • Have fun with it

if you need further information about the role before applying, please email: jonny.pratt@themarsdengroup.com or laura.buckley@themarsdengroup.com


Closing date for applications 15th March


How to upload your video application

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