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The Marsden Group is a global technology company, specializing in the upstream Oil & Gas market. In recent years the rapid adoption of The Cloud, and the Internet of Things technology, has dramatically increased opportunities for all levels of business to embrace technology to improve business performance.

Our vision is to harness these latest innovations in technology, tailoring them to cost effective solutions that make a significant difference in driving business excellence for our partners. The team have been working together for over 10 years, collaborating, developing and delivering technology and software solutions within our chosen global market. We share a collective hands-on industry experience and enterprise grade IT skillset.  The team is a diverse combination of industry experts and technology professionals, with a proven track record in delivering innovation in demanding and challenging operational conditions.


The Marsden Group brings long and deep industry experience, which is evident in the comprehensive nature of its IoT offering. Together, we will be able to offer a solution that de-risks and accelerates IoT initiatives”. 

- IFS Global Industry Director for Oil and gas, Hege Wroldsen

Building Future Technologies For Offshore Drilling


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We work, collaborate and partner with some of the biggest organizations working in Energy and technology. Our focus is to build long term partnerships, where together our objective is to harness technology in providing business excellence.

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Infographics, articles and videos to help you keep up to date with the latest technology changes in the oil and gas industry


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